NessGoods Charity On the afternoon of May 05, 2009, 14 top of richest people in the United States started a real-sense wealth forum in the president's office of Rockefeller University in New York. Billionaires headed by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and the rich discussed a topic with the most long-term significance: how to do charity more effectively. On August 13, 2018, Netflix announced that David Wells, the company's chief financial officer (CFO), plans to resign after helping the company select a successor. Wells joined Netflix in 2004 and has been a CFO since 2010. Wells said: "I have spent a wonderful 14 years at Netflix. I am proud of everything I have done during the period. Wells also said: "Next I will focus more on philanthropy.” From the resignation of David Wells and the active involvement of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett in philanthropy, we can see the transformation of corporate executives and billionaires to philanthropists.
The Current Situation of Syrian Children In The War On April 14, 2017, the United States allied with Britain and France launched 110 missiles to Syrian capital Damascus. Millions of children lost their homes. The Syrian conflict breaking out in 2011 has lasted for seven years. Since the outbreak, the war in Syria has claimed at least 350,000 lives. The Syrian children become a “lost generation”. Most of Syrian children have witnessed the bloodshed and death caused by the war. The personal experience of dropping out of school and family escape has an inerasable psychological impact on them. The Syrian children in the war more need education to heal the wounds that the war has brought to their young hearts, and the importance of charity at this time is self-evident. When Does China’s Gates Appear As A Philanthropist? Although the Chinese society has philanthropists donating hundreds of millions of yuan, the pattern of development is still very uneven. To develop charitable causes, we must form a strong social pressure for philanthropy. It is a kind of pressure of social morality that must be derived from the society to form social influence. Of course, this pressure can not be used just as a negative condemnation, and more importantly, should be carried forward positively. In the social development pattern with a wealth gap, the rich and the poor must live in harmony. More than 100 years ago, in order to find a market for its cars, Ford Motor Company took the initiative to raise wages for workers, and Carnegie thought of its social responsibility on the road to prosperity, thus starting a feat of social charity. Recently, the proposal of Gates and Buffett to the rich for donating a half of their wealth in the life to social welfare has become a hotspot of debates in the society. It is time for Chinese society to respond, and time for China’s Bill Gates and China’s Buffett to stand up.
Prospects And Future of NessGoods Charity As an advocate and practitioner of future philanthropy, NessGoods has been on the road to bold exploration of the future of philanthropy. We have the advantages of levering resources and integrating roles. Meanwhile NessGoods has corporate market creativity. In the development of philanthropy, we may learn from our experience in market development and turn passive public welfare into active public welfare. We are committed to the Children's Education Foundation, which will invest heavily in the education of children in war, and will try to bring the freedom of philanthropy in the West to the Foundation, recruit better foundation talents and maximally guarantee their benefits. We expect that in the near future, NessGoods will lead more e-commerce companies to philanthropy, strengthen the credibility and transparency of charity and public welfare, and always be the most loyal guardian and advocate of NessGoods mission, vision and values.