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Where Did We Come From?
The predecessor of NessGoods can be dated back to the 1990s.
It started with real estate and gradually spread its business from
the local to the whole country and multiple nations. Its business
scope is also expanded from real estate to collectivized industries
consisting of multiple businesses, such as: financial guarantee,
risk investment, mining industry, education, sport and trade. In
fact, our history can be written into a book, which represents
nearly 30 years of economic course of China. However, not all
the people who threw themselves into business in those days
have toady’s achievements. We rely on a great foresight and
dauntless courage. We believe nobody can succeed easily.

Where Will We Go?
Since 2012, the Group has been thinking about strategic
changes beyond scale and business scope. We are
pondering over the meaning of existence of a company.
In addition to short-term profit, how can we make a
company survive for a long time? The society is changing,
civilization is progressing, how can a company have the
best growth and viability in a changing environment?
After five years of repeated research and exploration,
NessGoods was born in 2017!

Company news
company news

NessGoods represents a new and total-participation business
model - consumer business model. We believe that only the
model with total participation and sharing of risks and profits with
consumers is a truly lasting model. If consumers can shift themselves
from an identity of sheer consumers to the partners of the company
and can pass on this partnership to set their finance free and have
their future generations not worry about food and clothing,
it will be the most valuable consumption form.

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Of course, while creating the consumer business
model of NessGoods, we have also created a
series of top-grade products for NessGoods brand.

The current NessGoods series products are classified into four categories
Skin Care
Wiping Products
Close-Fitting Fabrics
company news

In production, two core technologies have been invented and adopted:
“Bamboo fiber softening and implantation technology” for
textile products, and “micro-lipid sac technology” for beauty

and makeup products.

The bamboo fiber softening and implantation technology
is to process natural hard bamboo fiber by the unique
process of NessGoods to soften it while retaining the advantages
of bamboo, such as anti-bacteria, sterilization and strong adsorbability,
and to blend the bamboo fiber with pure cotton at an optimum
ratio to create NessGoods textile related products with many
advantages, such as softness, deodorization, antibacteria,
sterilization and water adsorption.

For beauty and makeup products, NessGoods adopts micro-lipid sac technology
a patented technology that has won "Silver Prize of French Paris Invention Award"
and solves the problem of having large nutrient granules fully permeate the skin.
NessGoods beauty and makeup products are 10 times as efficient as the products
with the same ingredients. At the same time, NessGoods has invested a lot of
money and manpower in CBD refining and application, and made significant
progress so far.


CBD is an active ingredient with the most medical value among more than one
hundreds of active ingredients of China-hemp. It has the efficacy of protecting
nerves, improving skin inflammation, resisting oxidation and anxiety, relieving pain
and helping sleep. All the time, it has been protected by the Western countries as
a “mysterious ingredient” of medicine. In recent years, relevant laws have been
just relaxed to allow companies to research and develop it and sell it in the market.
At present, the R&D and application of CBD are also a direction pursued by all the
capital on the Wall Street. The scientific payoffs of NessGoods in this aspect have
attracted the attention of many capital investors in the United States. The future is

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Of course, capital is not the pursuit of NessGoods. After establishment
in 2017, the company immediately confirmed its development
philosophy and vision – taking root in the society and growing
together. It is an invariable direction and future of NessGoods.

What can we bring to other people?

When a company grows, like a big tree, it takes nutrients from the
public. When it has grown up, it should offer a shade for the public.
NessGoods as a company of “taking root in the society and growing
together” puts the customer's future and considerations in
the first place.

In the logics of traditional commercial society, consumers exist as
pure currency output sources. They pay the money and get goods. At
the same time, the money for purchasing the product or service is
divided into two parts, one part covers the cost of product production
or service and the other part is put into the pocket of the operator as profit. The consumer business model of NessGoods will trigger
a global market revolution. Consumers will no longer be pure
currency output sources. They will understand products through
consumption, then help to promote products through sharing, and
ultimately assume a position in the circulation of goods and obtain
the corresponding profit. Global market and sharing multiplication is
the essence of the consumer business model of NessGoods and also
the reason why our customers can become our partners.
The consumer business model is the starting point of a great cause
and an opportunity for participating in future wealth.


Your financial freedom will start from NessGoods
The well-being of your future generations
will set out from NessGoods

Thank consumer business
It is you who back up NessGoods
and you who make us known to the world
You are us

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