Celebrates NessGoods Office Relocation Jan 08.2019

Irvine Towers


We are celebrating the relocation of the NessGoods' headquarter in the United States that took place on December 7, 2018. All of the employees are fully engaged and enthusiastic. We sincerely hope that the company will be auspicious with the move and hope the business will flourish!


As business grows, We moved from our main warehouse in Chino California to the bright and spacious office space at Irvine Towers in Irvine California. It was also an advance in the company's strategic development plan.


New Office


The morning of December 6th, staff from all departments came in early to prepare for the move. At 2pm, the moving company transported the necessary office supplies from the original office to the new office in Irvine. The moving process was performed with great regularity and lively atmosphere.


We officially moved into our new office at Irvine Towers in the morning of December 7, 2018. Which is the most luxury and prosperous office area in Los Angeles. As the NessGoods global headquarter, it has a series of responsibilities for research and development, manufacturing, warehousing, and sales. All employees from every department got on track quickly.


After our headquarter relocated, we hope that every investor will enjoy the one-stop service provided by NessGoods, which is Research&Development -- Sales -- Warehouse -- Logistics, through the ideal business model without any intermediate link of commodity circulation. In the purpose of serving investors, we will continue to share the company's profit to them through social networking. From the beginning to endless, NessGoods will grow together with you sharing economy business and device you with wealth initiative.


We are elated with current success and filled with pride and enthusiasm for the future. On the occasion of the company relocation, we are very grateful to all investors and our global partners that have been with us for the long time. Best wishes for our mutual development and improvement.



Chino Warehouse